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7 years later... the story continues!

The Guide

DayDawn is once again in development!

DayDawn is a game that I made while I was in school, and now, 7 years after it's initial release, I'm bringing it back to life.

Everything is being revised, updated, scrapped and renewed! Maps are being redesigned, systems and scripts are being remade to be better, more fun and more efficient.

DayDawn has been out since before 2007, and now, 7 years after it has been released, I've decided to continue working on it once again.

The first new version, 2 (Kevjoe), is out now and can be downloaded below. It contains a TON of bugfixes in the game, but also improvements and balance fixes. And this is only the beginning...

The intention is to completely recreate DayDawn, and change everything. The story will be bigger, better, faster and more humorous, and the game itself will be a lot more balanced, more fun and a lot more diverse.

I hope you'll enjoy this new version!

- Kevin